In Mrs Tilscher's Class

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  • 4 stanzas- 4 seasons.
  • Memory poem- nostalgic.
  • "Mrs Tilscher"- her heroine.
  • "Class"- utopia.
  • About innocence- a move to experience and awakening.
  • Poem is a rite of passage.
  • Biological journey.
  • "You"- Invites the reader.
  • "Blue Nile"- colours make it visual.
  • "With you finger, tracing the route"- feeling- kinestetic.
  • Multi-sensory- all senses- evokes memories.
  • "Chanted the scenery"- poetic.
  • "The laugh of a bell swung"- personified to emphasis fun- hearing (auditory).
  • "The classroom glowed like a sweet shop"- Hansel and Gretal.
  • "Brady and Hindley"- Reference to outside world- they faded when


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