Animal Farm Context

Animal Farm context

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  • George Orwell was the pen name of Eric Blair 
  • He was a British political novelist and essayist
  • He criticised political oppression
  • He was born in 1903 to British colonist in Bengal, India
  • He received his education from a series of private schools including the elite school Eton
  • His experiences with snobbiness and his familiarity with imperialism in India made him suspiscous of the class system in England.
  • He became a socialst (a person who believes in collective ownership)
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Animal Farm

  • In Animal Farm Orwell is criticizing the communist regime in Russia, Europe and USA
  • He agreed with Marxist principals but couldn't accept the communism interpretation of socialism
  • There were many similarities between the previous czarist government regimes in old Russia and the present communist government
  • He felt communism was hypocritical
  • Mr Jones represent the Czars government and when they overthrow him it isn't evil
  • However Napoleons adoption of Mr Jones principals shows the inequality of communism
  • The slaughtering of the animals is a reference to Stalin who murdered his own people to remain dictatorship in Russia
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