Immunology- Innate Immunity

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  • Immune System

Immunity is mediated by the immune system

The Immune system responds to infection by mouting an immune response

An immune response must: Recognise a pathogen as foreign, respond and mediate elimination of the pathogen

Microorganisms are ubiquitous

Resistance to invasion is a characteristic which is present from birth, known as innate immunity.

Innate Immunity Present from birth  Non-specific- It acts on many organisms and does not show specificity It does not become more efficient on subsequent exposure to the same organisms

  • Prevention of entry organisms

Mechanicals barriers: 1. Skin; most bacteria fail to survive on the skin because of lactic acid and fatty acids in sweat- low pH 2. Mucous secreted by membrane; Protective barrier that blocks adherence of bacteria to epithelial cells; foreing particles trapped in mucous are cleared by ciliary movement, coughing and sneezing

Washing action of tears, saliva and urine Anti-bacterial substances in secretions Low pH of stomach contents Lysozyme Lactoferrin


Microbial Antagonism- where the normal bacteria of the body


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