How to answer AS Edexcel History source questions - Crown, Authority and Religion

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How to answer Section A questions:

Explain how much the sources agree with an argument based on what the sources argue:

à  How reliable and useful they are as evidence

à  Compare and contrast the sources and evaluate them


1.     Briefly cross-references the sources – which sources agree and disagree with the statement

2.     Give line of argument on the question (already giving brief overview on reliability of the sources –make judgement based on their weight)

Section one: sources that agree with the statement:

1.     Sources that agree with the statement to the largest extent  - explain how it agrees with statement

2.     Back up this inference by using references  to bits of any other source that also agree

3.     Evaluate how much weight the source has – nature, origin and purpose

4.     Reach a judgement on how far the sources used agree with the statement

Section two:  sources that disagree with the statement:

1.     sources that disagree with the statement – explain how they disagree with the statement

2.     Explain how the sources agree with each other or maybe how they agree in different ways

3.     Clearly compare to the sources used in section one –




omg i think im going to fail this exam in so stressed



is there anything I can do to help?

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