How important is the cinema experience?


Commercial Cinema's:

Odeon, Multiplex/Multiscreens.

Independant Cinema:

Harbour Lights (xchurch)

Lifecentre (bournemouth)

Home Cinema:

Netflix, Bluray, Smart TV, Surround sound, Piracy.

Large Multiplex Cinemas

- Offers audience a variety of films
- Large screen (experience)
- Blockbuster, genre films.
- Hollywood studio films.
- Expensive cost.
- Social experience.
- 3D/Technology

Independant Cinema

- Not just commercial films
- British Films
- Art films.
- Comfortable
- Genre's appeal to older audiences (Students, people interested in art).
- Trendy/Cultured - often in old buildings such as churches.
- Social aspect - Fans are all interested in art and can relate in


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