WJEC AS FILM STUDIES - FM2 British and American Cinema - Film Distribution

The following revision resource has been created using AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction by Sarah Casey

This resource will help you revise:

- Release patterns

- Film distribution 

- Film marketing

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AS Film Studies
FM2 British and American Film Revision

Release patterns
A film might be given a "general release" right across the country or it might have a "select
release" to a few cinemas in a few cities where the audience is felt right for a particular film.
A "saturation…

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AS Film Studies
FM2 British and American Film Revision

Dubbing and/or subtitling for foreign language films

A distribution company breaks down into three departments:
Film sales
Print department

A distributor works out a budget to ascertain how much money they will spend on
distributing a film.

The budget us…


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