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How important is genre for audiences and producers?
The majority of film is divided into many genres ranging from thrillers to comedies, these
categories are divided into further subgenres and hybrid genres. For the most part modern
audiences like to be aware of the film (or product) that they are receiving, this is a huge
issue as it dramatically stunts creativity. In general, the products we are receiving are
extremely predictable and completely conform to a specific genre, and audiences just keep
coming back for the same factory churned ideas being remade over and over again, for this
reason I believe that genre is to blame for the recent stunt in creativity in Hollywood.
Genre is what sells the film, there is no question about it. One may argue that it is not genre
it is a variety of things, they would be correct but all of the major factors which decide
whether and audience would go and view a film all come under the umbrella of genre. A
list or upcoming actors tend to stick to a specific genre of acting as this creates a brand for
Hollywood. For example, Daniel Craig tends to stick to action films, like James Bond, Road to
perdition, and Indiana Jones. Cowboys & Aliens combines two genres ­western and scifi
creating a hybrid genre of film. Audiences like to receive a film which they are clear on and
they prefer actors to work on similar types of movies, which Daniel Craig has not done in
this instance. This may be the reason that Cowboys & Aliens did not meet budget, grossing
around $62 million under budget. The director, John Favreau, typically directs superhero
movies, for example the Iron man trilogy and Avengers: Age of Ultron, so why was he
chosen to direct the film? Hollywood are not ones to take risks when it comes to big budget
films, and it is clear from the gross that this did not work, which is why the industry will not
I believe that we, as consumers, are responsible for the fact that Hollywood keep making
the same films, we continue to go and see that sequel or that remake­ that we know is
going to be exactly the same (if not worse) than the original. Hollywood's obsession with
adapting superhero comics and popular books has become worse than ever. There are 7
superhero films scheduled for release in 2016 alone: Suicide squad, Dead pool, Batman vs
Superman: dawn of justice, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows , X men:
apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War. Out of the 7 films scheduled for release in 2016 only
2 of these films are not sequels of the original film, now are starting to highlight the main
issue. Since the 1970's the rise of the multiplex cinema has taken over, leaving us with only
a few independent cinemas, meaning that the types of films that we are seeing are only the
ones that sell and sadly the ones that sell are highconcept, bigbudget superhero films and
action movies which make $66 million on average. The only season where we see anything
mildly creative is Oscar season, where big companies, such as universal, release their
smaller budget films which are not predicted to make much money. This is why for the
majority of the year the big companies, which 99% of people watch their content, are
producing the tent pole films that people love and sadly this issue will not stop watching
these until people begin to boycott the cinemas. Steven Soderberg recently said at a press
conference that he sat next to a man who was skipping major pieces of narrative in a film
and only viewing the action sequences, has the intimacy of film been destroyed?
Although I have a huge issue with the big films that are specific to a certain genre I believe
that there is room for creativity when it comes to the successful films, there is a reason why

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James Cameron holds the place for the two highest grossing films of all time ­ with Avatar in
first place and and Titanic in second. Both of these films are not based on popular books and
they do not belong to a franchise. Also Titanic and Avatar are not genre specific films they
cover a variety of genres Avatar being a dystopian romance and Titanic being a biographical
romance, both things that are not always made because Hollywood fear losing profit.…read more


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