Revision British Colonization


Revision British Colonisation

what is colonisation?

The act or process of establishing a colony. A colony is a new settlement that is still connected to the home. E.G. Australia is Englands colony as it is still strongly influenced by Britain. This means that, despite being run by a Australian primeminister, the English could kick the primeminister as they choose.

What is meant by the term terra nulius?

Terra nulius is a latin term meaning empty continent or land belonging to no one. This means that if a person were to come across a land, they could seize it for their king and country by just putting thier flag up on the new land.

Why was this a important legal princible for the colonists?

This was important as it meant that the British could just claim the lands for themselves and not have to talk to the natives. Australia did have natives, the aborigonals, but the British did not count them as people as they did not have houses, a god, fences for keeping in cattle and so were deemed uncivilised which lead to the Aborigonals having no rights in Australia.

Who was the first governer of NSW?

The first governer of NSW was governer Phillip who took over controll in the late 1800's. He was a poor governer who worsend the realationships with the Aborigonals.

What event in History is commemerated by Australia day?

The event that Australia day is named after is the landing of the first fleet in Sydney cove on January the 26th 1788.

Name one of the Aborigonals captured by Governer Phillip in a attempt to bring peace between the settlers and the Aborigonal people.

An indigenous person who was captured in order to create peace was Arabonoo,who was…


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