History A divided union ? The USA 45-70...(McCarthyism)

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McCarthyism and the Red Scare :

>During the war they were allies, after the war their ideologies conflicted and caused problems. >SOVIET UNION- COMMUNIST

>WEST-CAPITALIST Fear played a major part of USA's foreign policy, US didn't want Soviets to find out how to make an atomic bomb.

Red Scare - fear of communism, led to people losing their jobs and some even being imprisoned.Execution of Rosenberg's after being accused of helping the Soviets.Red Scare then was also used to persecute other groups such as trade union workers, gays and civil right campaigners.


> Communist East and a capitalist West they bought fought on the same side of the war however after the war their relationship deteriorated.       

> Many Soviet countries turn communist, USA saw this as a threat.

>Marshall Plan ( 47) set out to help countries falling under the threat of communism, Stalin saw this as a bribe.

The Berlin Crisis :

>4 countries owned part of Berlin., they wanted to work together to unite Germany.Soviet Berlin wanted people to vote communism.So he set up a blockade to make them support communism.The Western powers saw that they had to help so they did, they airlifted food and goods to help until Stalin lifted it.

 The Cold War fears hardened so the non communist sides decided to make a pact of 'an attack on one is an attack on all.', it was called NATO.

The USSR followed this in 1955 - The Warsaw Pact.

Korean War :

>After WWII Korea was split, just like Germany



In 1950 war broke out, the North invaded the South, the war lasted 3 years.Peace talks continued until late 1954.


>Many people believed that the Soviet Union was working within the US to overthrow the government and this meant that the fear of communism grew. 

The FBI began to create files on possible communists.HUAC set up by the government questioned people.Elizabeth Bentley who was questioned brought to them 150 agents, 40  of those who were


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