• USA fear of communism
  • What happened during McCaryhism
  • How McCarthysim ended
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USA Fear of communism

  • 1945- Soviet occupaion of Eastern Europe
  • 1946-Iron Curtain speech
  • 1947-FELP(Federal Employment Loyalty Programme), HUAAC investiagions (House Of Un American Activities)
  • 1948- Berlin Blockade, Alger Hiss Trial
  • 19490- China turns communist, Soviet union exploeds it's first A-Bomb
  • 1950- Communsits in North Korea invade Sout Korea, The Rosenburgs Trial
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What Happened during McCarthyism

  • McCarthy claimed to have a list of 205 names of people who are members of the goverment who are secretaly part of the communst party
  • No one dared to challenge McCarthy
  • 10 hollywood writers and directors were accused of sending communist meesages through their movies (The Hollywood 10)
  • Senator Tydings didn't believe McCarthy, McCarthy then accused senator Tydings of being communist.
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How McCarthyism ended

  • McCarthy interrogations were televised people saw him as a 'bully'
  • McCarthy accused the army fighting in Korea of being communsit
  • Relations with the Soviet Union was improving because of the death of Stalin
  • McCarthy died
  • McCarthy never showed any evidence
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