Historians Quotes on Elizabeth, Mary and Edward

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Edward – Somerset

Loach “He was autocratic by temperament”

Williams “He was entirely unsympathetic to the destitute”

Haigh “money was needed for the Scottish war rather than the need to destroy Catholicism”

Guy “The 1549 rebellions were 'the closest thing Tudor England saw to a class war'”

Heard “failed to show the leadership necessary”

Turvey “inherited an impossible diplomatic and military position”

Haigh “blundered” into a total ban of images

Smith “the Act of Uniformity was a shrewd statesman-like measure”

Caramani the Western Rebellion was “the most formidable opposition to the reformation that England saw”

Macculloch “an astonishing series of concessions” to the rebels, whom he treated with “respect”

Murphy “a disastrous set of policies”

Tillbrook “his arrogant and dictatorial manner created enemies”

Edward – Northumberland

Starkey “A complete rejection of the old faith”

Matusiak “Edward was expanding his participation in government”

Hoak “Northumberland was a remarkably able governor”

Heard “Scotland was a humiliating peace alliance with a traditional enemy”

Lotherington “a genuine and able reformer”

Hoak “one of the most remarkably able governors of any European state during the 16th century”


Haigh “The Marian reconstruction of Catholicism was a success”

Loades “Protestantism gained more than it lost through persecution”

Pollard “Her council was too large and faction-ridden to be able to function properly”

Murphy “There was cooperation rather than conflict in Parliament”

Williams “Mary’s financial record was if not outstanding at least adequate”

Starkey “The Spanish marriage tore her kingdom apart' and 'she based her marriage on love”

Elton “positive achievements were none”

Erickson “Mary had a bad reputation but did a good job”

Loach “the




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