Historians' Opinions on Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I

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Historians' Opinions ­ Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth
Edward VI
"the good duke" (traditional view)
"failed to show the leadership necessary" N. Heard
"inherited an impossible diplomatic and military position" Turvey & Heard
"the evil duke" (traditional view)
"a genuine and able reformer" Lotherington
created "a restoration of stability" Tillbrook
"a malleable House of Commons" J. Loach
(The Lady Jane Grey Coup) "risked returning England to the civil conflict of the
Wars of the Roses" Rogerson
(Somerset's execution) "saved England from a revival of the chaos that had
characterised the Protectorate" D. Hoak
(Western) "the most formidable opposition to the reformation that England saw" P.
Mary I
(Parliaments showed) "a sense of compromise and cooperation" R. Tittler
(Mary's accession) "the only successful rebellion in Tudor England" C.S.L. Davies
(Wyatt's) "came as close as any to overthrowing the monarchy" Turvey & Heard
A Mid-Tudor Crisis?
"at no time was the country in danger of collapse" N. Heard
"historians have become rather too fond of inventing crises" D. Loades

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Elizabeth I
Consolidation of her Rule
By 1571 "Elizabeth had overcome the uncertainties that had been present at the start
of her reign" Tillbrook
"Elizabeth controlled her own policy more than any other Tudor" J. Guy
"For Elizabeth, parliamentarians were little boys ... always a waste of an intelligent
woman's time." C. Haigh
J.E. Neale argues that she was faced with significant Puritan opposition in
Parliament from an organised "Puritan Choir"
G.R. Elton has disputed this.…read more


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