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- At this time Britain was semi-independent from the king of France
- In 1488 Anne; Duchess of Brittany ran Brittany
- Henry had been helped by both Brittany and France when taking the English throne
- The leaders of Europe wanted to keep Brittany independent from France to prevent them from becoming too powerful.

The problem...
> Henry did not want to look weak in his first international test
> He realised once France dealt with Brittany they might have designs on Calais which was owned by England
> Henry looked to the Holy Roman Empire and Spain for help but they were both concerned with their own wars.

Problems Henry faced in France:
~ He owed the Duke of Brittany a debt of loyalty for shelter that he recieved previously in 1471-84
~ Additional territory made French king wealthier, this reduced the king of Englands claim to the…


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