The Foreign Policy of Henry and Wolsey (Part 3)

The third and final part of the card series "Foreign Policy of Henry and Wolsey" for the Early Modern History Course.

The French Alliance and Diorce Diplomacy 1525-9

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The Treaty of the More, 1525

  • peace between England and France
  • renewed French pension for Henry -- £21,000 p.a.
  • reversal of previous alliance with Spain
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Alliances with France

  • 1526 Treaty of Madrid: Francis freed by Charles V, his sons going to Spain instead of him
  • 1526: League of Cognac -- anti-imperial league formed by Francis, but with Henry its "protector"
  • 1527: Anglo French Perpetual Peace against Charles V
    • Mary to marry a son of Francis, more pension for Henry, Charles to pay his debts to England

One main reason for Henry's friendliness with France was due to his growing obsession with French-raised Anne Boleyn.

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