Henry VII relations with France.

What was Henry's dillema with Brittany and France?

- Henry owed Duke Francis II of Brittany a debt of gratitude because of the shelter he recieved in 1483.

- Henry also owed the king of France Charles VIII a debt of loyalty as he also gve him shelter.

- Henry did not want Brittany absorbed into France as this would increase the already big power of France. Also it would threaten the security of England's last continental possession Calais.

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2) Why was the absorption of Brittany into a Franc

The absorption of Brittany was a huge concern as it would increase France's (already large) power threatening the security of englands last continental possession Calais. Also he owed loyalty to the duke of Brittany because of his time in exile.

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3) How did the affairs of the other European monar

Maximillian of Burgundy and Ferdinand of Spain were anxious about the absorption of Brittany due to the strengthening of their enemy France. They both sent troops to Brittany in 1497 as a show of opposition but were then distracted by other wars. Maximillian against Hungary, Ferdinand against the moors, leaving Henry VI in 1488 to act alone.                                                                                                            

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4) How did the Treaty of Redon limit the response

The treaty of redon limited Henry's troops to 3,000 in order to make sure it was support for Brittany and not a direct challenge to French reign.

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How likely was it that Henry could prevent the abs

It was looking doubtful after Francis and Maximilllian withdrew their support but with asute decisions from Henry VII it was possible. The decision to not rush into armed conflict with France proved affective as Henry made sure no other country woudl support France. 

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6) The Treaty of Etaples was a major achievement f

Originally, in 1489, the treaty of redon made it clear that Henry was not gong to re-assert his claim to the french throne or try to reconquest former territories Normandy and Guyenne.

However the French continued to threaten the absorption s Henry summoned parliament to grant a subsidy to fight the war against France with an army of 12,000.

He launched a campaign late in the fighting season in the knowledge that FRance wanted a war in the Italian peninsular so would not want to waste revenue on a conflict with England. The short siege resulted in the TREATY OF ETAPLES. 

Treaty of etaples: 1) French would pay an annual pension of 50,000 crowns as agreed in 1495. 2) Charles VIII would not support any imposters. 3) Henry would withdraw English Troops from Brittany.

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