Helpful notes for the AS Language Exams

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Hello there, I have just completed my first year of A-Level, so I have experience having recently taken the AS French and Spanish Exams.

Firstly, many of you will feel a bit anxious about the 'big' exam at the end of the year, but really, as long as you do a lot of practice, you should be fine!

As far as revision goes for these language exams, it's not really like reading a textbook or a revision guide, I'll tell you that! Really, you should ask for lots of past papers from your school/college WITH THE TAPES! as these provide the best experience of what you will go through on the day.

As you probably know by now, the AS exam comprises of Listening, Reading and Writing all in one exam. Sounds delightful when you're sitting in the exam room for 2 and a half hours. But, you will be surprised at how quickly the time goes by when you're writing a…


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