Haydn: Symphony No.26: Lamentatione

Haydn – Symphony No.26 in D minor, “Lamentatione”: Movement 1
- Joseph Haydn (Austrian composer) = wrote more than 100 symphonies
- Excerpt = first movement of a three-movement symphony
- Intended for middle class audience
- Displayed extremes of emotion (pushed the boundaries)
- Influenced by Sturm Und Drang style of early Classical period = minor-key opening, agitated syncopation, tense harmonies and vivid contrasts
- Classical period
- Probably composed in 1768
- Intended for concert hall performance
- Oboes, bassoon, horns, viola, violins & cello
- Violins carry a lot of the melody
- Violincello has limited movement, mostly on-the-beat crotchets
- Violioncello becomes more active with quavers at bar 128
- Lots of slurs & staccato markings


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