Stylistically classical features of Haydn's Symphony 26

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  • Stylistic features of Haydn's Symphony 26
    • Periodic phrasing
      • Bars 1-16
        • multiples of 2 and 4
    • Changes in mood
      • Bs 1-8 are energetic and fluid with syncopation following phrase from, b 9 '4 sighs' are homorhythmic and a break from the fluidity.
    • Functional harmony+ tonality
      • Much use of primary chords to establish the key V-1 perfect cadences.
    • Interesting rhythmic seperation of ideas with pauses
      • Pause after crotchet 3 Bar 8 to seperate the first phrase with the next contrasting phrase
    • Basic sonata form
      • 1st subject tonic, 2nd subject relative major
        • development -  explores different keys
          • recap, - ends on tonic major to avoid ideas becoming used in the same key twice.
    • sturm und drang
      • precursor to romanticism
      • aim is to disturb, frighten and display extremes of emotion
      • tense harmony including diminished 7ths and suspension
      • triple suspension 'christ' bar 31
    • Dynamics few but important
      • Piano repeat of 65-66 at 66-67 creates echo effect
        • P marking at 'christ' bar 26 metaphorical of the Lord's suffering
    • Generally melody dominated homophony
      • Occasional contrapuntal (1-8) and homorhythmic (9) passages
      • Like much music composed in 18th century


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