Hard Times Bk1 Ch3

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  • Chapter 3 - A Loophole
  • GG's children have no escape from the world of fact, even at home they had been "lectured at, from their tenderest years; coursed, like little hares" - this suggests that there is a lack of imagination in their teaching and the superlative has connotations of youth, making them seem vulnerable
  • Dickens' disgust for the education system is shown through the children as they have been robbed of a childhood, their earliest memory being of a "large black board...figures on it"
  • D uses irony by describing GG/the teacher as an "Ogre" as it is a fictious monster and is against the rules of fact that GG lives by
  • Cumulative repetition of "No little Gradgrind" makes the reader more and more aware of the deprivation of creativity the children faced due to the edu. system as more and more experiences are uncovered that every child should be allowed to enjoy
  • The children are compared to a


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