Nervous Conditions main points

five main points about each chapter of Nervous conditions.


chapter 1

-Nhamo(the mean) is expected home from the mission school. Tambu describes him as mean selfish and heartless.

-Nhamo would receive word that Babamukuru was coming and he would work so hard that it looked like he was working extremely hard, to impress Babamukuru. He is a deceiver.

-The family killed a chicken whenever Babamukuru was coming to give him their best. To show a better light than was cast on their poor homestead.

-Nhamo made Netsi and Tambu go get his stuff from the bus station. And thrashed Netsi when Tambu stood up, to defend the miss treated Netsi.

-Tambu has a quick thought on improving the house before Babamukuru comes. To show respect and agin to show better light on their farm.

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chapter 2

-Babamukuru leaves for England with his wife and two kids. On a scholarship provided by the missionaries. He leaves for five years.

-Tambu declars "I shall go to school'. And grow her own maize to pay for school fees. And worked hard every morning before every body else got up.

-Nhamo steals Tambu's maize and distributes it to the other children. Tambu grows ferocious and starts fighting him in blind rage. Mr. Matimba steps in and stops the fight.

-Tambu tryes to sell her maize but Mr. Matimba gets chewed out for "childlabour. slavery!". In the end Tambu gets donated ten pounds(by Doris).

-Tambus father and Nhamo begin the trip to the train station to welcome home Mr. Money Bags(Babamukuru)

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Chapter 3

-Babamukuru returns to the village. Sighted four miles away and was greater by chanting and dancing.

-Tambu is so discussed with her cousin Nayasha that she "departed, flouncing surilily".
She is mad because she cannot go to the airport because she is a girl.

-The dancing begins. With the drum beats and the fail attempt to reconect with Nayasha.

-Nhamo returned to the home stead different. He no longer speaks Shona and has gained several inches horizontally and vertically.

-Nhamo dies. Babamukuru comes to give the news. Tambu's mother flips out and starts calling saying "hold me. I too will die".

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Chapter 4

-Tambu  leaves the homestead to go to the mission school and hopes to find "another self, a clean, well-grommed, genteel self", and leaves in Babamukuru's car.

-Tambu arrives at the mission and is astounded speechless and horrified to find the splendor and grander of the complex. She says that then "a deep vally cracked open. There was nobridge... I felt forever spearated from my uncle". 

-Tambu gets attacked by the tied dogs behind fences and is scared silly.

-Tambu has tea with Myguru and being amazed at the food and pointless tea strainer. "another neccesidy wich I had managed to live without" Tambu states.

-After moving in with Nyasha, Tambu was horrified at the ill manners portrayed by her "anglicized" cousin.
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Chapter 5

-Nyasha accuses Tambu for not speaking to her when they firs arrived. Naysha says "I was disappointed when you didn't speak to me... Not a word" 

-Tambu discovers the using a "Knife and fork was not as easy as it looks". And dose not like the "tasteless gravy"

-Babbamukuru speechified to Tambu about the hard work she was going to do. Makes it clear that he is her new father.

-Nayasha gets her own cloths; a luxury. And Maiguru mothers her to no end. 

-Nayasha ask Maiguru  about her masters degree. And is horrified to find that she doesn't "see any of her pay". Babamukuru takes it all. 
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Chapter 6

-Tambu comments on the different behaviors of the white missionaries, "their behavior remained difficult to understand"

-Nyasha study's her whole brian out for the big exams. Babbamukuru is impressed with "his daughters industry"

-Nyasha stays at the bottom of the drive way dancing with a baker boy. Chido covers up for her saying "she is coming".

-Nyasha has a full fight with Babamukuru who "slaps" her in the face and "spits" on her face. the whole rest of the family need to keep Babamukuru from carrying out his threat "to day she will not live".

-Tambu try's to comfort Nyasha. Nyasha and Babamukuru live a separated life, with little interaction. 
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Chapter 7

-Tambu and Babamukuru's imidiate family went on Christmas leave to the homestead. Babamukuru is a stress free, different person. Tambu thinks that he "looked younger, and more lovable than ever".

-At the home stead Babamukuru finds that Lucia, against his will has remained along with Takesure. "I told Takesure to leave my home"

-The family goes and greets Tambus mom, who is sarcastic about their coming; "so you have finally climbed the steps". She does not like Tambu to ba away and is resentful of the fact.

-The women began the process of peeping the the Christmas feast. Working for days bring and doing the necessary laundry.

-Babamukuru confronts Takesure about his staying after being told to leave. 
"I told you personally and you ignored" Babamukuru rants in the meeting.
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Chapter 9

-The mission school was visited by the nuns. "We were vey dissapiointed" Tambu says, at their non-hollyness.

-Tambu gets the scholership and has to decider what to do w/ Babamukuru. Nyashsa thinks "you'll fall for thair tricks".

-Babamukuru thinks the "money could be for better use". Maiguru steps in and says " I don't think that Tambudzai will be corupted by the school".

-"I have decided to let her go" -Babamukuru. Miaguru flatly frfuses to cater for two dozen of a diferent family, 

-Nayasha begins regergitating her food, and Tambu is told "don't forget us" over and over by her freinds and family. 

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Chapter 10

-Tambu leaves for Scared Hart. She is "infatuated" with the mavales archatectur an grrandure of the grounds.

-Nayasha asks "Is this the right place?", whisch agitates Babamukur. 

-Tambu discovers there are only six black people, and thery all sharesd a cramped room. 

-Tambu discovers the wonders of greek, latin, hocky and the library. She "resolved to read everysigle one of those informitive volumes". She had no time to miss Nyasha.

-Tambu stays with Nyasha. Nyasha has her Nervous Breakdown. She "shreds her history book between her teeth" and cuts her self with broken glass. 

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