Of Mice and Men - context of how women was treated in the 1930s America.


Context - how women were treated in 1930s America  

  • During the 1930s the usual role of a married woman was to stay at home taking care of her children and husband, cooking and cleaning. Because of the Great Depression, women (who had children) was to work as hard as she could to make do with the resources she had available to put dinner on the table for her family.

  • Women couldn’t get a job because they were often valued lower than men and people felt that men were stronger and more able to do more strenuous jobs than women. This meant that women had to go down to prostitution if they wasn’t married because that’s the only way they could earn some money. Leading to the perception that women are sexual objects and are not valued.

  • Men had no respect to women, as all they associate to women is sex and prostitution showing how men


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