The Great Gatsby: character Jay Gatsby

Revision on Jay Gatsby

(summer 2013)

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  • Jay Gatsby
    • Man of Mystery
      • doesn't appear until chapter 3
        • increases intrigue and mystery
      • Nicks Views
        • Ch 1: "exempt" "unaffected scorn"
          • encourages reader to find out why he is special
      • Past and Present
        • first 1/2 only hear outlandish stories
          • "cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm's"
          • "a German spy"
          • "an Oxford man"
        • Real Back Story
          • not mysterious or glamourous
            • makes his death sadder
            • became successful through hard work and luck
    • Identity
      • Changed name at aged 17
      • Reinvented himself
        • designs life around Daisy
        • Changed name at aged 17
      • Romantic idealist
        • wants his relationship back with Daisy
    • Fitzgerald's experiences
      • !/2 of Fitzgerald's personality
      • Both idolised in being rich and strived to become rich
      • Gatsby's lifestyle reflects Fitzgerald's celeb status and parties
      • Fitzgerald was driven by his love
        • Symbolised every thing he did
    • Double sided personality
      • "Oxford man"
        • Only at oxford for "five months"
      • 'Was in the drug business"
        • he owned a drug store
          • "Sold alcohol over the counter"
      • Inherited money from family
        • Dan Cody left him money
          • But he never got it
    • Isolated
      • at parties: "alone on the marble steps
        • makes Gatsby God like as he is watching over everyone
      • hides behind a mask
        • Only tells nick about his real past
      • so concerned about his persona he distances himself from others
        • "complete isolation" says Nick
    • Corruption of the American Dream
      • Achieves it
        • from poor family but becomes wealthy
          • Reinvents himself
      • changes his name
        • Gatsby sounds more English
          • Upper Class feeling
          • More accepted
      • not within everyones grasp
        • Have to change your persona
      • It fails
        • Doesn't get Daisy
    • Main Character


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