Great Gatsby Ch One

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Chapter 1


Nick talks about himself and his family and how he came to be in the story

Talks about Gatsby, but we don’t know who he is

The differences between East Egg and West Egg

Goes to visit Daisy and Tom and meets Jordan Baker

Finds out Tom has a “woman in New York”

Fleeting glimpse of Gatsby


Starts at the end of the story

Then goes to before the story

Then starts the story


East Egg

“white palaces”, “fashionable”, “glittered”, old money, not showy, real wealth, relaxed & comfortable in their wealth

West Egg

“less fashionable”, new money, lavish displays of wealth, fake

Gatsby’s House

West Egg so new money

“a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy” [Town Hall]-doesn’t belong

“spanking new”, “imitation”-not classy, pretending to be something it isn’t

“colossal”, “mansion”, “a marble swimming pool”, “more than forty acres of lawn and garden”-over the top, Gatsby [mystery] hides behind the house

The Buchanan’s House

East Egg-old money

“cheerful red-and-white Georgian Colonial mansion”-fits in, classy

“roses”, “rosy-coloured space”, “pale-flags”, “frosted wedding cake of the ceiling”, “wine-coloured rug”-Red and white, colours on the American flag

“high hallway”, “the windows were ajar”-open, casual, effortless

“french windows, glowing now with reflected gold”-“glowing”-natural, “gold”-display of wealth

“the lawn started at the beach and ran…for a quarter of a mile”, “jumping”, “drifting”-active, alive adds to naturalness


“spring of twenty-two” [when he moved]

“warm season”, “sunshine”, “great bursts of leaves growing on trees”, “summer” “warm windy evening”

“’in two weeks it’ll be the longest day in the year’”



Doesn’t talk about himself that


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