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The Great Gatsby
AS Exam Prep.…read more

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Context…read more

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Jazz Age America
The `roaring 20s'
Lots of money for a few people
Consumer age ­ everything was becoming more
advanced and cheaper, quickly
Multi-ethnic, sexualised culture
Urban culture of freedom
But 40% of USA's population live in poverty on
Ku Klux Klan…read more

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Strong at the end of war
· Factories were set up in the war
· Free market
· Building projects
Farmers lost out
Ford, Chrysler and GM went mental
Lots of radios and aeroplanes
Wall Street crash ­ went up before it went down,
Gatsby set in the up…read more

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Prohibition & Speakeasies
Speakeasy = illegally sells alcoholic drinks
· Numerous, popular
· Customers asked to stay quiet and "speak easy" to avoid
attention from outside
Police were often bribed by speakeasy owners
"bootlegging" = hiding liquor in their boots
Prohibition was eventually given up on ­ too
hard to control…read more

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Era of change, modernism, independent women
About labels, showing off money and class
Appearance of makeup ­ confidence
Flapper girls
· Short skirts, bobbed hair
· Flaunting disdain for "acceptable" behaviour
· Masters of their femininity, sexualised
· Suits
· Hats showed status
· Gangsters flaunted money through clothes to show authority…read more

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