Grade 7 - Exam Questions and Example Answers

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RE Ethical and Philosophical Topic – Exam Questions

Questions and Example Answers

What is meant by ‘vows’?

Vows are promises made to another person (Bride and Groom) normally during a wedding or civil partnership ceremony. An example of these vows in the Church of England are “for richer or for poorer” and are usually said in a place of worship

Describe the ways in which families are important in faith communities?

Families raise the next generation of believers and therefore are important to bring the children up in that religion so they continue the work of the church in the community. Families are supposed to create safe and loving environments to bring up children who are good and faithful. Types of family include, reconstituted, extended, nuclear, single-parent and childless. An example of family importance in the bible is the Parable of the Lost Son, where, even though the youngest son blew his inheritance on silly things; his father still welcomed him back with loving arms. This shows that Christians should be kind and help their children learn through their mistakes.

From two different religions, explain attitudes to same sex relationships

In Christianity, the Bible says “do not be involved in same-sex acts”. Therefore, some Christians believe that same-sex relationships are wrong and are a sin. However, some Liberal Christians believe that the Bible was written for its time and that it needs interpreting for the modern world, meaning that same-sex relationships are allowed and should be accepted in modern society. Christians are split within different denominations and personal beliefs about same-sex relationships however they all agree that gay people shouldn’t be discriminated against and should be treated as equal part of society.


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