How to answer the exam

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How to answer the exam

(a) one sentence describing the word keep this as short as possible

(b) two words if it says give examples or two sentences if it says describe

(c) give three examples or three sentenceson the part a,b,c part keep it as short as possible especially since it is easier to gain marks on the longer questions

(d) Give two christian views try and use donominations in most cases it is easier to write contrasting views.On this part do not try to evaluate. Roughly two paraghraphs. Use teachings

(e) State  personal oppinion

Second paragraph explain one christian view using lots of explination and athiest or personal evaluation at the end. REMEMBER BIBLICAL TEACHING

Third paragraph use a very different christan perspective and do simmiler bto second paragraph

Fourth Paragraph EVALUATE use your own personal oppinion and explain your own personal oppinion it is advised you keep good reasons to this paragraph.

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