Going Global Case Studies


Global Networks

  • Show connections between people, flows of money etc.
  • £2.6 billion worth of business deals between the UK and China
  • China invested into oil refinery protecting 2,000 Scottish jobs
  • Agreements between BP and Chinese oil companies to explore deep water oil reservoirs
  • Commitment by JLR to sell 40,000 land rovers in China
  • A network is an illustration or model that shows how different places are linked
  • The points on a network map are called nodes
  • Global hub= A well connected node
  • Connections are called flows
  • Core= The most developed and highly populated region of a country.
  • Switched on place= Nations, regions or cities that are strongly connected to other places through the production and consumption of goods and services
  • The Wilderness= An area of the planet inhabited by indigenous populations


  • Is the building and maintaining of colonies by one territory by people from another territory


  • Profits to be made
  • Expand the power
  • Convert religion/ missionaries

Technological/ Transport/ Communication advances


  • Started in 1995 doing domestic UK flights only
  • Connects most of Europe's major cities
  • At the start it had just two aircraft
  • Luton to Edinburgh One Way= £29
  • Started flying to Barcelona in 1996
  • Now has 300 flight routes in the EU
  • Expanded into non EU markets (Marrakech, Istanbul)
  • One of Europe's biggest internet retailers
  • Helped places to become more "switched on"


  • Opened up connections with the rest of the world
  • "Shrunk the world"
  • More than 500 million users
  • Spreading into China- Globalisation
  • Started off at Harvard

Globalisation and Christmas

  • Average christmas lunch has travelled 130,000 km
  • Not locally sourced anymore
  • Dongguan, China, know as Santa's workshop, this is where many xmas presents are made

Switched on Place: China

Nexteer Automotive,the Mid West USofA:

  • Chinese government owns 50%.
  • Saved 3600 jobs and the whole community

Economic reasons:

  • Joined the WTO in 2001
  • Receives FDI from TNCs to boost economy
  • TNCs invest in China to exploit cheap labour

Physical Reasons:

  • Has coal, oil and gas reserves

Human Reasons:

  • Urbanisation
  • China is now the world's largest consumer
  • 1.3 billion population
  • Fastly growing markets.
  • Export processing zones have been created, stimulating cheap mass manufacturing

Political reasons:

  • Relax of communism and rise of capitalism
  • Changed its trading policies

Switched off Place: the Gambia

Economic reasons:

  • Financial leakages. Money generated by TNCs doesn't stay in their economy
  • Tourism accounts for 7.8%
  • GNP per Capita : 1995: $320 2005: $290

Physical reasons:

  • No confirmed natural resource deposits
  • Only small scale manufacturing. E.g. Processing of fish

Human reasons:

  • 40% adult literacy
  • 75% of population reliant on farming
  • 1.7 million population
  • One of the 48 LDCs
  • 160th highest HDI/ 173

Political reasons:

  • Too reliant on aid
  • Gained independence from the UK in 1965

Geographical reasons:

  • Barely any coastline = no ports
  • Smallest country on the African mainland

Egypt unrest:

  • Local event affecting the global economy
  • Stock markets fell
  • Oil supply would be shut off if the Suez canal shut down (Extra 6,000 miles)
  • Crude oil reached $100 a barrel for the first time in




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