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Geography unit 1: Going Global.

Lesson 1.

Globalisation; a process by which people, their cultures, money, goods & information can be
transferred between countries with few/ no barriers. This is nothing to new in the sense that
countries have been connected through; trade, colonialism & cooperation.

The effects/impacts of globalisation.…

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Key Influence Details Impact
Transnational Companies Firm's operation becomes Sellers of goods & service.
more world wide spread. Brought culture & economic
Transport Boeing 747. Travel for everyone.
Common travel. Increase in containers trade.
Cheap flights.
Computer & Internet Computer-aided design/ Businesses operate & locate all
Technology manufacture. over…

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Meeting between China & the UK over Trade agreements.

£2,600,000 of business deals between China & the UK.
Investment into Grangeworth oil refinery, protecting 2,000 Scottish jobs.
Agreements BP & Chinese companies to explore deep water oil reservoirs.
Commitment by Jaguar Land Rover to sell 40,000 cars in China.


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How did the global empire get this way?

British Empire & colonisation.
Politics by countries like China not having minimum wage, allowing exploitation from other
Slave Trade.
Companies located in core countries ­ industry leaders, global hubs.
Organisations set up in the core e.g. the EU.
Industrialisation levels.


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Case study: Gambia.

Population of 1.7 million.
Gambia has a literacy rate of approximately 40%.
In 1965, Gambia was granted independence from the UK.
It is the smallest country in the African continent.
In 1995, had a GNP of $320.
In 2005, had a GNP of $290.
Is dependent on…

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2. Contain nations at varying levels of economic development; for example the North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Were Mexico has cheap labour the US has
management & expertise.


NAFTA; including Canada, the USA & Mexico.
MERCOSUR; including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay.

Benefits of Trading Blocs.

Brings greater…


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