God's Omnipotence

  • God's power is a key part of his nature. 
  • three ways we can view God's omnipotence
  • That he knows everything, even the logically impossible OR that he knows only that which is logically possible OR omnipotence is a statement of the power of God.
  • 1) supported by Descartes. God can change laws of science etc. to be able to do anything
  • Mackie later argues that its wrong to say God can do the logically impossible because there is actually no such thing - 'only a form of words which fails to describe any state of affairs'
  • God is still more powerful than humans with this second definition - just because something is logically possible for humans doesnt mean we can do it. 
  • Plantinga says he may choose to limit his powers so that humans may have free will
  • Aquinas says that God's power…


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