Assess the claim that the universe provides no evidence for the existence of an omnipotent God. (35)


Intro: define Judeo-Christian definition of God's omnipotence and state that scripture etc disagree w/ statement. LOA: 'inconsistent triad' if God can only create perfect things, why is world imperfect.If was all powerful, he could eradicate evil. If he can't, he's not all powerful.


  • Dawkins: Illogical for God to be all powerful E.g.Could God create a stone too heavy for him to lift? again, the inconsistent triad - trad view is simply incoherent.
  • If omnipotent, why is there the problem of evil in the world? Euthyphro dilemma - good bc God command or command bc good - one undermines his power. Not all powerful if can't stop evil, not all loving if can but won't. Can God sin? Climb a tree? restrictions on his power?


  • Aquinas:  God is all powerful - can do anything that is logically possible to do. (counters Dawkins critique of illogicality)
  • Descartes disagreed w/ Aquinas but argued that we cannot understand God's omnipotence bc he is transcendental .Our LOGICAL universe doesn't prove God's omnipotence, but could be a dif world w/ dif logic.God is capable of doing the logically impossible
  • Iraneus argues He has the power to stop suffering but doesn't bc He is helping humans grow and develop. No good without some bad. (is this suffering really needed to make souls?) Yes - to make people worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Overall comparison

Conclude: cannot be omnipotent due to the P.O.E and how this contradicts the very nature of God 


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