Problem with Gods' omnipotence

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  • Problem with Gods' omnipotence
    • Defintion a problem
    • Predestination
    • Process theodicy
      • A theory that was created by A.N. Whitehead and developed by David Griffin
        • States that God is not the creator of the world & is not omnipotent.
        • God is bound by the laws of nature just like humans and co-exists with us but is not excluded from it
    • Can God do the logically impossible?
      • 1. Can God make square circle
        • Aquinas: No a square circle and a rock too heavy for God to lift - Still means God is omnipotent
        • Descartes: Yes God CAN make the logically impossible - even if it doesn't make sense to us - that's true omnipotence
      • 2. Can God make a stone too heavy for him to lift?
    • Ontological argument
      • Descartes
        • Kant argued against Descartes
    • Richard Dawkins
      • Omnipotence and omniscience are contradicting
        • If God knows the future and cannot change it, he is not omnipotent
          • If he sees the future but changes it - he is not omniscience
          • Via negativa: argue against it - not an issue
            • If he sees the future but changes it - he is not omniscience


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