The nature or attributes of God



Omnipotence- the ability to perform any act. In relation to God, Aquinas argues that omnipotence is the ability to perform any act which is logically possible. 

Paradox of omnipotence- Some things seem impossible to do for an omnipotent being. If God used his omnipotence to make a stone so heavy that no one could lift it, including himself, then he would not be omnipotent. 

Aquinas- It makes no sense to accuse God of being less than omnipotent because he cannot do the logically impossible. 

Descartes- God's existence is prior to the laws of logic, so God is not bound by those laws.

As God is not body and flesh or even in the same plane of exitence as human beings, then we strugle how God has the ability to do things.

Augustine- omnipotence means that God can do anything he wills or chooses to do. The power to do evil acts in God's case would be at best theoretical, as his will is always to do good. 

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Omniscience- the attribute of being all knnowing, which is attribute to God. 

Dummett- God's knowledge is beyond perspective and it includes everything. When we speak of God's knowledge, we are using the tense of timelessness. His account is severely limited- the only way to have full knowledge if there were no knowledge other than the knowledge of facts. 

Boethius- knows the results

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Benevolence- 'well wishing'. Basically the claim that God wants the good for everyone. 

What is the problem of evil. 

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