Germany 1918-1945



9th and 11th of november -  kaiser abdicated Germany 

                                      - Germany signed the armistice.

How did Germany see the end of WW1? -  The Treaty of Versaille was signed on the 28/6/1919. this made the Germans angry. Germany saw WW1 as a betrayal of the German army. instead of thinking of WW1 as a failer they thought of it as being made to surrender.

Who were the 'November Criminals' ? - the november criminals were the politicians who signed the armistice and had 'stabbed' the army in the back. this currency continued to grow as the Weimar rejected the peace settlement in 19/6 as the chancellor had resigned.

What happened to the German governments in the final weeks of 1918? - the german government were attacked by the communists and others and…


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