Geography- Development Dilemmas case studies

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Hey guys here are some notes on the case studies for this topic. I hope they help!

Uneven development

India- Core

  • The core regions of India are more developed.
  • Areas like Maharasthra are part of the core region.
  • Reasons for it's level of development are:
    - They have services such as banking, insurance, IT.
    - Manufacturing like steel and textiles.
    - Leisure and business services like hotels and restaurants.
    - Entertainment- Film Industry (Bollywood).

India- Periphery

  • The peripheral regions of India are much less developed.
  • Areas like Bihar and Kashmir are part of the peripery.
  • Reasons for it;s level of development are:
    - The average income is low (about 6000rupees(£75) a year).
    - 80% of people work in low income and low level jobs.
    - Despite fertile soils many farmers do not own their own land so they have to rent it (but most farmers are only able to grow enough to


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