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Questions to consider
You should think about all these questions before
looking at geography courses ­ this will help you to
find the course that is right for you:
| What aspects of geography do you want to study (eg
| Do you want to study a combined / joint honours
course? (geography and another subject)
| Do the modules offered reflect your interests?
| How many taught classes per week are there are
compared with independent learning?…read more

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Questions to consider
| What are the fieldwork opportunities?
| How big is the department? How often will you see
your personal tutor?
| What are the entrance requirements?
| What is the reputation of the course/university?
| Its location - is it a campus, is it in a large city? In a
certain part of the country?
| How expensive will it be? What are the likely
opportunities for part-time work? To live at home?
| What about specific social activities?…read more

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How are courses assessed?
You should also think about the methods that will be
used to assess your work:
| Degrees in geography are assessed both through
coursework and examinations
| This ratio will vary between university and it is
important to consider this in choosing your course
| Most courses will have a 3rd year individual project
or dissertation.…read more

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What about the degree title?
The content of degrees which have the title
`Geography' may vary widely between Universities:
| Most geography degrees, whether designated BSc
(Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) offer
combinations of individual human, physical and
environmental geography courses in each year of
| Usually you can plan, with your adviser, course
choices that suit your special interests and career
plans as they develop over time.…read more

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What about the degree title?
| Some students choose to specialise in either
human geography or physical geography; others
may wish to retain a broader combination of the two.
| A number of institutions offer Joint Honours which
means geography combined with another subject.
| It is also worth searching for geography courses
under related words such as Environment,
Sustainability or Development.…read more

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Making your choice
Once you have considered these questions, you should
be in a position to start choosing courses
| To help you decide, you might find it useful to make
a list of all the universities that have a course that
you are interested in, and perhaps limit this to a
particular region of the country or distance from
home (the UCAS website allows you to search for a
full-time course by region).…read more

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Making your choice
| It is useful to look at the course structure, looking at
2nd and 3rd year options in particular, as well as the
research-focus of the department.
| Contact each of the universities on your short list to
get a copy of their prospectus, as well as looking at
their websites.
| Remember to attend an open day.…read more

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Making your choice
The RGS-IBG Directory of University Geography
Courses provides a great starting point to help you
make your choice.…read more


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