Geographical Skills - Graphs

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What are flowlines used for? They can be used to show direction and movement. The direction of the arrow shows the direction of flow and the thickness represents the volume of flow.

What is an advantage and disadvantage of flowlines? + gives a strong visual impression of both volume and movement between two places. - parts of the map can get very crowded and be difficult to interpret. 

What are 3 examples of data that a flowline could show? 1) Pedestrians in a town. 2) Traffic between a town and surrounding villages. 3) Migration to and from the UK. 

What are advantages of a triangular graph? 1) Large number of data can be shown on graph. 2) enables data to be classified easily. 3) a sophisticated technique that shows several variables on one graph. 4) dominant characteristic can be shown clearly. 

What are disadvantages of a triangular graph? 1) Difficult and time consuming to construct. 2) Data must have 3 parts, in a percentage that add upto 100%. 

What data can be presented in a trianguar graph? 1) Employment structure. 2)


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