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Dan Grist

Investigating the Management of Flooding and Erosion Risks at Minehead
and Porlock, West Somerset.

In 1997 a £12.6 million integrated coastal defence scheme was introduced at Minehead;
both hard and soft engineering strategies are being used to `hold the line' against erosion
and flooding. 70% of the cost…

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Dan Grist

A cost benefit analysis is often used by DEFRA and the environmental agency to find out
which management strategy would be most suitable. This analysis compares the cost of the
defences with the benefits (value of land and property) that will be protected.


Defence Scheme Length/Number Approx.…

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Dan Grist

E.g. £28,200,000 ÷ £13,500,000 = 2.08

Minehead's key stake holders e.g. Butlins and the environmental agency, can use the
cost-benefit ratio in order to decide which management strategy should be used; in this
case a `hold the line' strategy was used as the benefits outweigh the costs of…

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Dan Grist

therefore carrying out these methods several times throughout the year would be an

F) Secondary research is information that has been gathered by researchers and recorded in books,
articles, and other publications. Therefore secondary research data available to investigate the
flooding and erosion risk in Minehead and…

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Dan Grist

groyne fails to trap sediment effectively. If there were to be defences put in place, there
would be huge disruption to locals and businesses as the natural beauty of the village is what
brings tourists to the area, construction only deterring them away. Construction would also
have been…


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