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Polish immigrants in the
We have a great number of polish immigrants in the U.K. Some pull factors
are, higher standard of living, so much so they
send some of their wages back home better jobs, better pay and a to their
family. Most people in the U.K think it is a bad thing to have immigrants in
our country, this is because they come into this country sometimes illegally
and take any job they can find which makes it harder for us to find jobs
when we need to. On the other hand there are some positives about them:
Very hardworking
Much cheaper labour
They get on with the job and give 100%…read more

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China's One Child Policy
During the 70s the Chinese government realised the country was heading to famine,
so they intervened. The OCP has been controversial for many
The OCP said that: reasons:
·Must not marry until their late ·Women have had pregnancies aborted as late
20s as nine months
·Must abort future pregnancies ·Government had power over private livesof
·Would receive a 5-10% pay rise people
·Would recive priority housing, ·Female infanticide has risen because chinese
pension and free education for the society prefer men over women
If you disobeyed: The famine that was predicted never happened and many people
·10% salary cut
have been lifted out of poverty, so there have been some benefits.
·A large fine
·Pay for education Average wealth of the population has increased which means
and health care some people can afford to break the rules and have two children.
There was huge pressure as the government
might cut there fellow workers wages. There Due to the OCP there is a major
was also the "The Granny Police", older women gender inbalance, 60 million more
who kept people in line about pregnacies, young men than women. This will
sometimes accumpnying people to have a major impact on Chinese
contraception appoinments. society.…read more

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The different ways Kerala has been successful in
bringing in that fertility down is through education.
They have schools in the villages. They have
essentially empowered women through higher
female literacy rate and that has helped to bring
the total fertility rate down. The other issue in
terms of Kerala is that it has also had a
communist government so, in some ways, that's
sort of deviating away from the normal trend that
you find in the country.
But education of women has been critical in Kerala. 80 to 90% of the
women have some level of education. And education is the best
contraceptive or main tool to control population growth. Other southern
states have also be successful using education to tackle overpopulation.
But not as successful as Kerala. Access to health care is also very
important. If you have hospitals in the villages, that essentially means that,
if the parents know that they can take these kids to the hospital, and as a
result of that, infant mortality rate goes down, then parents are less likely to
have the need to have more kids or children because they know that if they
have to that survive and are successful in life, then they'll be successful
too. Then that itself is going to bring the fertility rate down. So I would say
education, access to health other words, accessibility is they key
to stopping overpopulation.…read more

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