GCSE French vocabulary- Letter A

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accepter - to accept  

accompagner - to accompany

acheter - to buy

adorer- to love

aider- to help

aimer- to like

ajouter- to add

allumer- to light, turn on

améliorer- to improve

annuler- to cancel  

appeler- to call

apprendre- to learn

arriver- to arrive

attendre- to wait for

atterrir- to land

avoir- to have

affreux/se- awful

amusant/e- funny

ancien/ne- old, former

autre- other

assez de- enough

alors- then

aussi- also

à l’heure- on time

à partir de- from

après-demain- the day after tomorrow

après-midi (m)- afternoon

au début- at the start

aujourd’hui- today

avril- April

août- August

à moi- mine

à mon avis- in my opinion

avec plaisir- with pleasure

Allemagne (f)- Germany

Angleterre (f)- England

Autriche (f)- Austria

Afrique (f)- Africa

Asie (f)- Asia

Amérique du Sud (f)- South America

Amérique du Nord (f)- North America

Australie (f)- Australia

africain/e- African

allemand/e- German

américain- American

anglais/e- English 

autrichien/autrichienne- Austrian

Alpes (f/pl)- the Alps

à demain- see you tomorrow

à bientôt- see you soon

allô- hello (on the telephone) 

à tout à l’heure- see you later

àmitiés- best wishes

au revoir-


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