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PDF document from exam board Edexcel, Useful and contains essential must know information, produced in full colour.

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GCSE French
Thank you for registering at the Edexcel Shop! This document contains free
Bitesize Last-minute Learner Revision Notes to help you revise for GCSE
Last-minute Learner
The Last-minute Learner pages contain condensed revision notes that you can use as a last-
minute look-up.
What are Bitesize Revision Guides?
Inside the full Bitesize Revision Guide books, you'll not only find the Last-minute Learner
notes and Glossaries, but much, much more. The Bitesize Revision Guides are all-in-one
revision books to help make revision less daunting.
How to order
To place your order for a BBC Bitesize Revision Guide, phone 0870 607 3777 and quote
ED06-239. Lines are open 08.30-17.30 Monday to Friday. UK deliveries will take 4-5 working
days and there is a packing and postage charge of £3.00. Customer services will advise
international customers of delivery times and packing and postage charges.
Alternatively, for a complete package containing a Bitesize Revision Guide and Edexcel
Exam Tutor book and CD-ROM, take a look at the Edexcel/Bitesize Study Packs. Click here
for more information.
For more information about Edexcel exams, visit www.examzone.co.uk.
The Bitesize Glossaries and Last-minute Learners are intended for general revision purposes. They are not
guaranteed to contain all the information you need for Edexcel GCSEs. Neither Edexcel nor Bitesize will be held
responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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