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French: Vocabulary Practice
Aim: To revise key vocabulary for GCSE French

TASK: Find, or guess, the correct translation into English for the following. Try
to use clues in the word!

Time Indicators:

Words in French, sounding like the word in English:

Generalement: ____________________________
Temps en temps: ____________________________
Rarement: ____________________________

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Amusant: ____________________________

General knowledge:

bien: ____________________________
drole: ____________________________
un peu: ____________________________
marrant: ____________________________
pas mal: ____________________________
assez: ____________________________
chouette: ____________________________
d'accord: ____________________________

Extra Vocabulary: (hints given!)

barbant: ____________________________
affreux: ____________________________
genial: ____________________________
formidable: ____________________________
emouvant: ____________________________
passionant: ____________________________
plein d'action: ____________________________
agreable: ____________________________
extra: ____________________________

NOTE: remember! There are three…


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