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Gcse French vocabulary revision- relationships and choices

Francais Anglais
Un homme A man
Un beau-père A stepfather
Un demi-frère A step/half brother
Un beau-père A father in law
Un mari A husband
Un arrière-grand- père A great grandfather
Un neveu A nephew
Un jumeau A twin brother
Un beau-père A…

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Se fiancer To get engaged
Se divorcer To get divorced
Un veuf / une veuve A widower
Fidele Loyal
Embrasser To kiss
Coquette Flirty
Dépensière Spend-a-holic
Econome Thrifty
Joueuse Playful
Radin/e Stingy
Savant/e Knowledgeable
Soigneuse Tidy
Têtue Stubborn
Les droits Rights
Améliorer To improve
Un/e bénévole A volunteer


Draconis ^.^


Thanks for this! ;3



An excellent resource! This Word document offers a comprehensive list of all family members and a wide range of interesting and varied adjectives to describe people and relationships. Very useful for making the step to A and A* grades.

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