GCSE French Vocabulary Practice Sheet 2

Perfect vocabulary revision for the Edexcel GCSE French course from 2009.

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French Vocabulary Revision
10 Tips to Unit 9 Success: Chapter 1
1. The biggest problem ­ biggest = .......... Grande, therefore this can be
translated to:
2. Warming of the planet = rechauffement....
3. Les pays EN VOIE developpement
4. Les produits `issued' du commerce `equal'
5. To give?
6. To do something?
7. Parrainer......un enfant? SPONSOR = protect = Parrainer
8. Now remember the three modal verbs in the conditional tense and translate
them. Also, what is `We Must' in French?
a. I should
b. I could
c. I want to
d. I Must
9. To write... = ecrire...., so to write to the government (gOUVeRNment) is...
10. Poverty - pauuvverty - pauvrety - pauvrete


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