frankenstein notes-pursuit of knowledge/destiny

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the pursuit of knowledge/destiny/science

  • "it was the secrets of heaven and earth that i desired"
  • science "penetrates into the recesses of nature and show how she works in her hiding place" ****. feminine. personification. violation of nature
  • "destiny was too potent and her immutable laws had decreed my terrible and utter destruction"
  • "it was in their hand to direct to hapiness or misery"
  • "clerval occupied himself... with the moral relations of things" clerval contrasts frank totally as philosophy opposite to science. science amoral. frank amoral. blasphemy
  • creation(science) is dark and mouldy and rotten and decaying but nature(god) is bright. a warning against pursuit of knowlegde
  • "once again i would penetrait their misty veil and seek them in their cloudy retreats"
  • "do you dare approach me?... begone vile insect! or rather, stay so i may trample you to dust!"victor asserts his power over…


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