Characters in Frankenstein

Brief description of all of the principle characters within Frankenstein.

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Victor Frankenstein

  • The son of Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort
  • Brother of Ernest and William
  • Adoptive brother and later husband to Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Childhood friend of Henry Clerval
  • Creates a giant being but then abandons him
  • The creature begins to avenge himself upon Victor's family - William is killed by him and then Justine Moritz (the family servant) is wrongly executed for William's murder
  • Victor is persuaded to make the creature a femal companion but guilt causes him to tear the creation apart before bringing it to life
  • Clerval and Elizabeth are also murdered by the creature as a result of Victor tearing apart the female
  • Victor follows the creature into the Artic where he nearly dies but is rescued by Robert Walton and his crew
  • Victor tells Walton his story and warns him about how dangerous the pursuit of knowledge
  • Victor Frankenstein then asks Walton to complete his task by destroying the creature and then dies
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The Creature

  • He is created and then abandoned by Victor Frankenstein
  • Spurned and attacked by all, he begins to avenge himself upon Frankenstein by murdering William (Victor's younger brother) and framing Justine Moritz
  • He and Victor meet and he demands Victor to make him a female companion
  • In revenge for Victor's destruction of the mate, the creature kills Henry Clerval and then Elizabeth on her and Victor's wedding night
  • The creature then leads Victor across Europe and into the Arctic
  • When Victor dies, the creature appears to mourn because he realises that he finally is well and truly alone
  • He then disappears with the supposed aim of killing himself
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Robert Walton

  • Walton is an explorer and, at the start of the novel, is about to undertake an expedition to the Arctic in the search of the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean
  • He rescues Victor from the ice and listens to Victor's story - who also tells the Creature's as well
  • Walton writes down the two versions of events that Victor tells (his and the Creature's) and plans to send the manuscript to Margaret Saville who is he sister who is back in England
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Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort

  • These are Victor's parents - they are also the parents of Ernest and William and the adoptive parents of Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Caroline looks after her father until his death - Alphonse who was good friends with Caroline's father, then saves her from poverty and marries her
  • Caroline, despite orders against doing so, attends to Elizabeth when she is sick but even though Elizabeth recovers, Caroline does not - she contracts Scarlet Fever and dies
  • Caroline's dying wish is for Victor and Elizabeth to marry
  • Alphonse looks out for Frankenstein during the duration of the novel and even travels to Ireland to help Victor recover in prison after the shock of finding that Henry Clerval had been murdered
  • Alphonse Frankenstein dies of grief when he hears of the murder of Elizabeth
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Elizabeth Lavenza

  • Elizabeth is an orphan adopted by the Frankenstein family
  • Caroline intends for her to marry Victor
  • Victor and Elizabeth do eventually marry after the death of Henry Cleval
  • The Creature vows to "be with [Victor] on [his] wedding night" - Victor fears for his own life where as the Creature's aim is not to destroy Victor, but those he loves and cares about so he murders Elizabeth on her wedding night
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Henry Clerval and Justine Moritz

Henry Clerval

  • Clerval is a childhood friend of Victor and Elizabeth
  • He is continually there throughout the novel to nurse Victor back to health - especially once the Creature has first been animated
  • He is murdered by the Creature out of revenge after Victor destroys the Creature's female companion

Justine Moritz

  • Justine is a servant of the Frankenstein family
  • She is framed as the murderer of William
  • As a result, she is convicted and executed
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The De Laceys and Safie

De Laceys

  • The family includes the blind father, his son (Felix) and his daughter (Agatha)
  • The Creature takes refuge in a hovel adjoining their cottage which is in Germany
  • It is through them teaching Safie that he is educated - as well as throughbooks which he finds in the forest
  • The Creature and the blind father have a conversation but when Felix and Agatha return home, they are repulsed by the sight of the Creature and beat him out of their home
  • As revenge, he waits until the De Laceys are out of their cottage before burning it to the ground


  • Safie is the daughter of a Turkish merchant and a Christian Arab slave
  • She is given refuge by the De Laceys when he father plans to take her to Turkey
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