Religious and political conflict leading up to Jesus' death. Fourth Gospel.

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Religious conflict: People's unbelief and failure to accept Jesus as the Messiah

- Healing on sabbath - ' this man is not from God, for he does not keep the Sabbath'

- Jews believed then mans blindness was due to sin, however Jesus made it clear it wasn't. This goes against what the Jewish authority would have taught.

- Anyone who believed in him would be expelled from the synagogue. This Jews believed that Moses was the most important and Jesus was challenging this. From a Christian perspective, Jesus supersedes the law and Moses. Thus, they did not undertand their own scriptiures as even Moses said there would be someone greater than him. This further highlights their misunderstanding of Jesus; they remained spiritually blind in regards to his authority and thought that he was a threat. People asked ' how can a sinner perform such signs?'

- Blasphemy - ' I…


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