Features of science

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Features of science:

- Empirical method

    - Scientific approaches that are based on gathering evidence through direct observation and experience.

    - The experimental and observational method are good examples of the empirical method, because they both require the researcher to study behaviour directly and comment on what they find.

    - This idea was proposed by Locke; an empiricist, because of his belief in the empirical method.

- Objectivity

    - Free from bias, a science must not be biased.

    - Popper argued that scientific observations are theory driven rather than objective.

    - Generally, if there are multiple researchers and quantitative data is collected, the study is considered objective.

- Falsification

    - Science aims to falsify rather than to verify. If psychology is a science it also must seek to falsify hypotheses.

    - If there is criticising evidence then it has been falsified.

- Replicability

    Getting the same results again and again.

     - A study can be considered to be replicable, if a standardised procedure is used. This


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