Explanations of why people conform

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Normative social influence

The result of wanting to be liked and be a part of a group by following social norms.             e.g Asch's line study

  • conforming because the person is scared of being rejected by the group
  • the person publicly accepts the views of the group but privately rejects them
  • The majority exert pressures on other group members to conform.


Bullying : Garandeau and Cillessen have shown how groups with a low quality of interpersonal relationships may be manipulated by a bully so that victimisation of another child provides the group with a common goal, creating pressure on all group members to comply.

Social norms: It is generally accepted that norms bring about conformity, and that there is a strong correlation between people's normative beliefes and their behaviour. In a campaign aimed at 12-17 years in USA, 10…


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