Social Influence, Conformity: types and explanations

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  • Conformity types and explanations
    • Types of conformity
      • Compliance
        • 'Going along with others' in public, but privately not changing personal opinions.
      • Internalisation
        • A person genuinely accept group norms. This results in a private and public change of opinions and behaviour.
      • Identification
        • Conforming to opinions/behaviour of a group because we identify with that group.
    • Explanations of conformity
      • Normative social influence (NSI)
        • People don't like to appear foolish and prefer to gain social approval rather than be rejected.
      • Informational social influence (ISI)
        • The reason individuals follow the behaviour of a group is because people want to be right.
    • Key Terms
      • Conformity
        • A change in a person's behaviour/ opinion as a result of pressure from a group
    • Evaluation
      • Research support for ISI - Lucas et al (2006)
        • There was a greater conformity to incorrect answers when student did difficult mathematical questions compared to easier ones.
          • This shows that people conform when they feel like they don't know the answer.
      • McGhee and Teevan (1976)
        • Students who have a need for association with others were more likely to conform.
          • This shows that the desire to be liked underlies conformity for some people more than others.
      • Asch (1955) experiment
        • Conformity is reduced when there is one other dissenting p.
        • Students were less conformist (28%) than other participants (37%).
        • When asked why p went along with the wrong answer, they said they felt self-conscious and were afraid of disapproval.


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