Explanations of Autism comparison points (AO3)

Comparison of Genetics explanation and Extreme Male brain:               

  • Both theories that provide explanations for autism are biological explanations which are equally scientific and testable due to their objective nature.
  • Both theories are flawed to an extent and lack validity. The Genetics explanation lacks validity because no gene has yet been identified as specifically for autism and EMB lacks validity because it is now known that the two hemispheres of the brain are far more interconnected than previously thought.
  • Both theories lend weight to the idea that autism is more prevalent in males specifically boys because according to the EMB boys are more right brained and the research findings of Hallmayer et al suggest that there is  higher concordance rate in male twins.
  • Both theories reject environmental factors as contributing to autism.
  • The EMB explanation of autism has now fallen out of favour and is generally disregarded as an explanation whereas genetics is still being researched and explored.
  • However EMB provides a far clearer explanation of the gender differences in autism than genetics is able to.

Comparison of Genetics explanation and Theory of Mind

  • Both theories have supporting evidences. For Genetics Bailey et al found that the concordance rate for autism in MZ twins was 60% compared to 0%


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